A Christmas Day Walk

A beautiful afternoon…snow still falling, sun peeking through clouds, temperatures in the pleasant 20’s (an improvement over the 11-degree weather the evening of Christmas Eve)…what more can one ask? Vermont really is beautiful this time of year. In fact, Vermont is beautiful ANY time of year. Even Mud Season. *heart*


^^following the footsteps of a previous wanderer…^^


^^The road over the mountains^^


^^…and through the woods…^^


^^You know it is Vermont when you find random stacks of firewood in the woods, just in case.^^


^^A hunter’s lodge, perhaps.^^


^^A brother…with much energy, despite the cold and the long walk^^


^^And a sister. You can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl! Despite her scholarly pursuits of Latin, Greek, and German, she still wears flannel and hand-knit wool.^^

Hope your holidays were lovely as well!

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Welcome 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re cooking food here, preparing for the guests who will arrive soon for a New Year’s Day brunch and snowshoe walk. With several feet of new snow, it’s a perfect day. Over the past week, we’ve had several days of complete white-out blizzarding. Beautiful!

snowstorm1^^There’s a house there on the left…can you see it? This picture was taken just across the field from the neighbors. They aren’t far away, and yet…nearly invisible?^^






^^Our barn as seen through the snow, from the top of the field.^^


^^Normally, there is a lovely view of mountain range after mountain range, right above these trees. But now…the trees themselves are hard to make out!^^


^^someone else who wasn’t too thrilled about the snow…Poor Aaron.^^


^^What I got to come back inside to. Snow is amazing…but you know, cozy wood fires in the stove are more so. ;)^^

Christmas Eve

A few images from the Night Before Christmas



^^Presents under the tree. Gifts of grace.^^



^^Happy birthday, Jesus. Thanks for coming=)^^

These pictures were taken at night in a very old farmhouse (the likes of which are well known for their poor lighting), and thus are rather bad quality since I had to boost the ISO a whole bunch. But does it matter? No image can compare to a memory, and even lousy images can bring the best of thoughts back to mind.

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